Security (until a.y. 2018/19)

NOTE: This page is for the “old” Security course, held until academic year 2018/19. Please go to this page for the new course starting from academic year 2019/20.

This course aims at introducing basic concepts and techniques for the development of secure systems and networks. The course is formally split in two modules [CM0475] Security 1  (classes) and [CM0494] Security 2 (lab). This course used to cover cryptography which is now a separate course.

Security is one of the courses of the Laurea Magistrale (Master degree) in Computer Science at Ca’ Foscari, Venice. It is a blended course of the Ca’ Foscari e-learning program and combines traditional classroom teaching with on-line classes, tutoring, challenges and a live Capture The Flag (CTF).


  • [20 Sep. 2018] The virtual meeting point is Slack. Read below for more information.
  • [20 Dec. 2018] Exams from previous year are available here


First part:

  • Written exam giving a base score;
  • Challenges giving bonus on the base score (more detail here).

Second part:

  • The base score is the one of the first part;
  • The lab is passed by completing challenges and reaching a minimum score in the live CTF:
    • Completing at least 2 challenges (with writeup)
    • Scoring better than “idlers” in at least 2 CTFs
  • Challenges and CTF will give an extra score on the base score:
    • Up to 0.5 for each challenge
    • Up to 0.5 for each CTF, depending on the final position: score(position) = (6-position)*0.1
  • In the unlikely and unfortunate case that a student does not pass the lab, (s)he will need to pass an individual lab test.

Course material and books

All of the course material will be made available on-line here. The following books might anyway provide a useful reference:

On-line resources

    • The virtual meeting point for the on-line classes is on Slack! You can automatically signup with either your or e-mail account.

Table of contents (updated during the semester!)

Part 1

Part 2

  • Program exploitation lab
  • Server-side web security lab
    • [11/03/2019] Selected topics on server-side web security (Lab 3)
    • [18/03/2019] Challenge – FLAGSHOP (on-line class)
    • [25/03/2019] Seminario della Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni (in Italian)
    • [01/04/2019] CTF training: defence and network monitoring (slides)
    • [08/04/2019] Second CTF! (on-line hacking competition)
  • Client-side web security lab
    • [15/04/2019] Advanced client-side web security threats (Lab 3) (slides)
    • [29/04/2019] Challenge – SOPOPERA (on-line class)
    • [06/05/2019] Last CTF! (on-line hacking competition)


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