Previous years


  • [10 May 2013] New exam modality and the first secgroup@unive CTF
  • [14 Jan. 2013] Midtem seminars are scheduled. Remember you are supposed to follow all other seminars and participate to discussions. This is part of the midterm exam.
  • [23 Dec. 2012] Midtem seminars suggested titles are available
  • [17 Dec. 2012] New modality for the exam: we will have seminars and challenge writeups. Details will be available soon, stay tuned!
  • [6 Nov. 2012] A new page with challenges in now available
  • Access to the seclab network
  • [26 Sep. 2012] Challenge on classic cryptography (in Lab)
  • Please register to this year’s course! (you will receive emails about lessons, challenges and more …)


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