Clipperz seminar @ secgroup

On June 11, Giulio Cesare Solaroli, Marco Barulli and Dario Chiappetta have visited our group to talk about the Clipperz system and discuss challenging issues regarding encrypted cloud. Clipperz is a sophisticated system that makes it possible to store sensitive data in the cloud while providing an extremely high level of privacy. All the sensitive operations are performed in the client so that Clipperz backend will never be able to access user’s data in the clear. Interestingly, Clipperz is not even aware of actual usernames so that an attack to the server database would not allow to link (encrypted) data to users.

Thanks to Giulio, Marco and Dario for the very interesting day! We hope to hear more from Clipperz …

Author: riccardo

I am Full Professor in Computer Science at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice. My main research interest is computer and network security, from foundations to practical aspects. I coordinate secgroup@cafoscari.