Exam 18 May 2012

Here is the list of students that have both passed written exam (now or in January) and submitted the write-ups. If you have passed the written exam but you are not in the list you probably forgot to submit your write-up. If you are not happy with your mark you can repeat the written exam, of course.

For registration and any question (including examining your written exam) please come during office hours: any Monday 11-13.

ID First Name Last Name Final Mark Registered
815717 Jona Boscolo 30L Yes
812773 Vito Capacchione 25 Yes
813917 Daniele De Rosa 27 Yes
817622 Lorenzo Donati 23
815361 Alessandro Frazza 29 Yes
812882 Andrea Gasparetto 30L Yes
810733 Davide Gastaldon 29 Yes
825210 Simone Golfetto 29
840310 Luca Lorenzetto 18
840168 Luca Pizzolato 27 Yes
820955 Andrea Pretotto 30L Yes
810881 Luca Zorzi 30L Yes