Security 1

This course aims at introducing basic concepts and techniques for the development of secure systems and networks. The course is mapped to [CM0493] Security 1  and [CM0475] Security 1 (6 out of 12 CFU). This course used to cover cryptography which is now a separate course.

Security is one of the courses of the Laurea Magistrale (Master degree) in Computer Science at Ca’ Foscari, Venice. It is a blended course of the Ca’ Foscari e-learning program and combines traditional classroom teaching with on-line classes, tutoring and challenges.


  • [19 Sep. 2019] First class!
  • [20 Sep. 2019]  The virtual meeting point is Slack. Read below for more information.


  • Written exam giving a base score;
  • Challenges giving bonus on the base score.

Course material and books

All of the slides will be made available on-line here. The course is mainly based on:

  • William Stallings, Lawrie Brown. Computer Security: Principles and Practice, 4th Edition. Pearson, 2018.

On-line resources

  • The virtual meeting point for the on-line classes is on Slack! You can automatically signup with either your or e-mail account.
  • Examples and practical case studies are made available as docker CE images. Download the zip, when available, and follow the instruction in the README.txt file.

Table of contents (updated during the semester!)

  • [19/09/2019] Introduction (slides)
  • [20/09/2019] Security Design Principles (slides), User Authentication 1 (slides) (docker)
  • [26/09/2019] User Authentication 2 (slides)
  • [27/09/2019] Password cracking lab (on-line class)
  • [03/10/2019] Access control (slides)
  • [04/10/2019] Unix access control lab (on-line class)
  • [10/10/2019] Malware 1 (slides)
  • [11/10/2019] Malware 2 (slides)
  • [17/10/2019] Database security (slides)
  • [18/10/2019] SQL injection challenge (on-line class)
  • [24/10/2019] Denial of service (slides)
  • [25/10/2019] Denial of service lab (on-line class)
  • [31/10/2019] Intrusion detection (slides)
  • [07/11/2019] Firewalls (slides)
  • [08/11/2019] Firewall challenge (on-line class)
  • [14/11/2019] Buffer overflow (slides)
  • [15/11/2019] Buffer overflow challenge (on-line class)
  • [28/11/2019] Software security (slides)
  • [29/11/2019] Software security challenge  (on-line class)
  • [05/12/2019] Operating system security (slides)
  • [06/12/2019] Trusted computing (slides)
  • [11/12/2019] Security management and risk assessment (slides)
    (rescheduled from 12/12/2019)
  • [13/12/2019] Network security (slides)
  • [19/12/2019] Network security lab (on-line class)